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Virtual Pinball Machine

1080 of your favorite pinball games in one cabinet.

Our Virtual Pinball machines are based on Williams/Bally pinball cabinets, complete with a folding backbox.

All Cabinet Hardware is Brand New Williams/Bally legs,rails,lock down bar,hinges etc.

The PC that runs the cabinet will be an Intel i5 3rd Gen processor, 750ti SC graphics card, 120gb Solid State Drive, 8gb of RAM with Windows pre-installed.

A tilt sensor allows nudging so you can bump the table so the ball will move for Saves and Slam Tilts. High quality sound on a cabinet that comes finished with a full graphics package of your choice.

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  •  Full-sized standard pinball cabinet
  • 1080 Pinball Tables
  • 42″ Play-Field LED monitor
  • 26″ Back-Glass LED monitor
  • 16″ LED monitor for DMD
  • Accurate game play & game features
  • Easy-to-use menu system
  • Pinball plunger
  • Double flipper & magna-save buttons
  • Navigation buttons (Start, Exit, Credit, and Player Start)
  • Adjustable metal pinball legs with rubber feet
  • Tempered glass for play-field and trans-lite cover
  • Single coin door with collection box
  • Powerful sound system with 180 watt amplifier and 50 watt speakers
  • FX2 and FX3 games tables included
  • Approximate dimensions:  74” high x 28-1/2” wide x 45-1/2” deep

Contact us for availability and pricing