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Loft Shuffleboard Table


The CANADA BILLIARD LOFT shuffleboard table is a throwback to the classic era of 1950’s style and design. Its gleaming chrome finish is a beautiful contrast to its retro look, making it the centerpiece of any room. This high-quality shuffleboard table offers not just style but also exceptional craftsmanship and design, ensuring it will be a popular choice for anyone seeking a touch of nostalgia in their game room.

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Sizes: 9’, 12’, 14’, 16’

Wood Type: White Birch

Finishes Available: Choose from 14 Canada Billiard Finish Options


Canada Billiards

The story of CANADA BILLIARD is all about excellent materials, excellent craftsmanship and excellent service. That's why our story continues today, almost half a century later, through the work of dozens of proud and dedicated craftsmen and employees, working together to offer you, day after day, the best of billiards and game tables.
Loft Shuffleboard Table Game Room

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