JCP-301 Cantilever Umbrella

The Jardinico JCP.301 Cantilever Umbrella is easy-to-use with a simple crank lift system to open and close. The desirable infinite tilt allows umbrella to tilt front to back and left to right. This elegant, extra-sturdy aluminum octagonal shaped frame, seamlessly transitions from pole to base and rotates a complete 360°. The JCP.301 style is the perfect shade for commercial and residential use. Compatible with 350 pound rolling base or in ground mount options.


10 foot square
11.5 foot octagon

Features: 4 finishes & 12 fabric colors
360° Rotation
Crank Lift System
Infinite Tilt (front to back, left to right)
Self-Locking Canopy Fasteners
Single Wind Vent
Internal Mast Stem Cover
Protective Cover Included



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