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Dream Ping Pong Table

The Dream Ping Pong is the ideal unit for the recreation room, dining room or conference room when achieving a furniture look is needed. Innovative lines offering both power and finesse. The shaping of this exceptional table requires a rigorous selection of our best materials, high precision machining and a very meticulous pre-assembly workmanship. When one strives for perfection, no detail can be taken lightly.

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Wood Options- White Birch, White Oak, Walnut
Top Colors- Black, Blue, Or Custom Wood Finish


Canada Billiards

The story of CANADA BILLIARD is all about excellent materials, excellent craftsmanship and excellent service. That's why our story continues today, almost half a century later, through the work of dozens of proud and dedicated craftsmen and employees, working together to offer you, day after day, the best of billiards and game tables.
Dream Ping Pong Table Ping Pong Tables

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