Champion Pro 3 Pool Table

A pro players table, unmatched in form and structure, this table is designed for commercial use, it can also withstand the kids from the neighborhood. Its beauty lies in its simplicity.


Matte Black Laminate

Sizes: 7ft, 8ft, 8 1/2ft, & 9ft

Frame, Apron, Rail & Leg Material: Laminate
Finishes Available: Various Laminates
Rail Sights: Round – Chrome
Slate: 3Pc. 1 Inch Framed, Diamond-Honed
Pockets: Plastic    Cushions: Accu-Fast



Olhausen Tournament

Made In Tennessee. Featured in the best billiard parlors in the world. Superior quality and playability, that is unparalleled in the billiard industry.

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