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Bridge Shuffleboard Table


Introducing the CANADA BILLIARD shuffleboard table, a refined game table that combines classic style with modern design. This table is perfect for urban settings and will effortlessly blend in with any decor. Whether surrounded by stone bricks, steel, or glass, this shuffleboard table is sure to make a statement. The CANADA BILLIARD brand is known for its tradition of quality, and the shuffleboard table continues this legacy. With its intentionally unique and distinctive design, you can be sure that this table will stand out in any setting. Experience the combination of elegance, craftsmanship, and design with the CANADA BILLIARD shuffleboard table.


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Sizes: 9’, 12’, 14’, 16’

Wood Type: White Birch

Playing Surface: Solid Maple

Finishes Available: Choose from 14 Canada Billiard Finish Options


Canada Billiards

The story of CANADA BILLIARD is all about excellent materials, excellent craftsmanship and excellent service. That's why our story continues today, almost half a century later, through the work of dozens of proud and dedicated craftsmen and employees, working together to offer you, day after day, the best of billiards and game tables.
Bridge Shuffleboard Table Game Room

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