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Goodlettsville, TN: Pool Tables

Whether you’re a pool aficionado or not, you at least know that buying a pool table is no cheap purchase. In fact, it’s an investment in your home’s entertainment, and because of that, Nashville Billiard & Patio is your #1 Factory Authorized Dealer of Olhausen, Brunswick, California House, and Presidential Billiards.

When you give us a call or stop by to see us, one of the first questions we’re going to ask you is why you’re looking for a pool table. The reason we ask is that people buy them for different reasons. Some people buy them because they simply love the game; Some people buy them as a status symbol (whether they know how to play or not); And then, some people buy them because they don’t know how to play but want to learn as a new hobby.

No matter your reason for wanting a pool table, we’re going to have exactly what you’re looking for. But as billiard experts, it’s important we also let you know that no matter your skill level in pool, we give all of our customers the opportunity to hone in on their pool skills by enrolling in our Billiard University (BU).

At our BU, you’ll be able to prep for your exams by assessing your playing abilities, learning new skills, and raising your game to new levels at your own pace. It’s important that you go at your own pace because pool is a game of skill, not chance, so the more take your time prepping, the better prepared you’ll be for the exams and the game itself! Once you’ve taken your playing ability exams, you’ll get your BU rating, and this rating will determine your Player Level. 

This is the difference between Nashville Billiard & Patio and other billiard companies. If you’re in the market for a pool table, why go anywhere else other than to the billiard experts? We’ll not only get you the perfect pool table but we’ll also get you prepped with all the resources you need to earn your Diploma in Billiards.

If you are indeed interested in learning more about how to earn your Diploma in Billiards, visit our blog, and click on the blog titled “Billiard University – Learn and Earn a Diploma in Billiards!” 

Whether you’re looking to buy a pool table, disassemble your table, or earn your diploma in billiards, we are the experts in all things billiards. Our wide array of tables and services are unmatched, and that’s why we’ve been serving middle Tennessee and the surrounding areas since 1953.

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We understand that buying a pool table is an investment in your home, so finding the right one is of great importance. Whatever your reason is for buying a pool table is, our team of experts will be able to pinpoint your needs and wants to find the perfect table for your home. Pay us a visit in person or simply give us a call, but most of all, visit our showroom to see our exquisite selection of beautiful pool tables.