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Pool Tables Columbia, TN

Columbia, TN: Pool Tables

If you’re a pool enthusiast, you know that pool is a game of skill, not a game of chance, therefore, the more you play, the better you become. Knowing that, what better way to enhance your skills than to have a pool table right in the comforts of your own home? Luckily, we’re billiard experts and are middle Tennessee and the surrounding area’s #1 Factory Authorized Dealer of the top brands of pool tables.

It’s not about simply choosing the right color fabric that matches your home’s decor; There are many other considerations to factor in as well. One of the first questions we’ll ask you is this:

Why do you want a pool table in the first place? Do you simply want one as a massive piece of decor or conversation starter, or do you actually enjoy playing the game? And *side note,* whether you know how to play the game or not, you can earn your diploma in billiards from Billiard University (BU).

Your answer to this question will help us better determine how we can help you find the best table to meet your needs. But in doing that, you’ll, of course, have questions of your own as well. For instance, the “look” of the table is important but the major concern that most of our customers have before buying a pool table is determining what size table to get that will fit the room they’re placing the table in.

Buying a pool table that’s too big for the room it’s going in is considered a “billiard sin” to lots of pool enthusiasts, but it happens all the time…

We encourage you to get the dimensions of the room or area you’re looking to place your pool table, but people don’t always think about that at the beginning of their shopping process, and that’s okay… We have quite a few “Rules of thumb” you can use to gauge the size pool table you need for the size room you have. Our most common is our “Rough Rule of Thumb.”

This is where you start with the length and width of the table, add five feet to each side of the table all the way around to determine how big your room would need to be to fit the pool table you like… That’s just one of our many methods to pool table shopping; Let us help you find the perfect pool table for your home.

Choose Nashville Billiard & Patio

At Nashville Billiard & Patio we understand that buying a pool table isn’t as simple as walking into our showroom and buying the first table you see. Of course, we want your business but we also want our customers to make informed decisions when shopping with us… That’s why we’re not about the sales gimmicks you’ll find elsewhere; We’re a family-owned company and want to help you take care of yours.

Stop by and visit us to find the perfect pool table for your entertainment space.