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Home Theater Seating Springfield, TN

Springfield, TN: Theater Seating

What’s the best part of being at home? For lots of people, anything at home is better than being at work, and we completely understand that. But on a serious note, what’s one of the things you enjoy most about being at home? If your answer is the ability to relax, we couldn’t agree with you more.

Your home is supposed to be your safe haven…  It can either be disrupted or enhanced… We prefer the latter, and because of that, we’re middle Tennessee and the surrounding area’s top sellers of Palliser and Octane home theater seating.

Why so much emphasis on home theater seating?

To properly and “as a matter of factly” answer that question, we need to ask you a question first: How long do you sit when you get home from work? Moreover, how long do you sit and watch TV when you get off of work?

The national average answer to this question is a little over five hours, according to a Nielsen report. Five hours of TV sounds like a lot of screen time, but if you really think about it, especially when your favorite show is on or if you stumbled across an interesting series, you can easily sit and watch five hours or more of TV without even realizing it! As top providers of high-quality home theater seating, our biggest concern is how comfortable you are when sitting at home watching TV.

It’s our concern because we KNOW we can take your viewing experience to a whole new level with our Palliser and Octane collections. To give you a brief overview of the two brands, here are some features that come standard with select chairs.


Whether Palliser or Octane, comfort is their top quality. You can expect to see chairs with memory foam cushioning, full pad-over-chaise, soft leather, motorized lumbar system & headrest, and extended leg rests for taller individuals. With our collection of home theater chairs, you can stretch out and lay as comfortably as you want when watching TV… Trust, there’s a high probability you’ll find yourself falling asleep in those chairs a many of times!


Some of the most inconvenient aspects of your at-home viewing experience have to be things like having to get up to put your phone on the charger and not having your drink within arm’s reach. These chairs offer you all the conveniences you could ever want… With these chairs, you have every right to be as lazy as you please.


Well, have you looked at the chairs? From over 30 colors and upholstery selections to the fine leathers and stitching, you’ll be able to find a chair or chairs, that not only match your home’s interior design but also enhances it. Luxury is the style and vibe these chairs give off and your home will be reflective of that as well.

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Who says you can’t have the best in everything? At Nashville Billiard & Patio, giving you the best in home theater seating is our top priority.