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Smyrna, TN: Theater Seating

If you can, think about how much time you spend in front of your TV per day, on average. Would you say you spend more or less than three hours per day? We only ask that because a study from Nielsen revealed that on average, most people spend a little over five hours watching TV per day, and that’s over the course of from the time you get home from work to watching TV in bed before going to sleep…

If you watch two hours or more (the equivalent of the evening news and two 30-minute shows), would you say that you watch those programs in comfort? As you can see, it’s pretty easy to take in two hours of TV. For instance, you may find yourself watching a full hour of News Channel 5 and two episodes of The Big Bang Theory… that’s two hours of sitting. And most people watch much more TV than that.

Our concern is that if you’re watching that much television without proper support, it’s not going to make for an enjoyable or comfortable viewing experience, and that’s something we take very seriously… no gimmicks and no sales tactics.

We offer home theater seating from the top brands of Palliser and Octane. These two brands are gorgeous in luxury style but they’re also top-of-the-line in comfort as well. Between the two brands, it’s not uncommon to see features like extended leg rests, gel-infused memory foam, motorized lumbar system & headrest, and pad-over-chaise.

It’s also important to note that while comfort, as far as how the chairs feel, is a major component for both brands, you also can’t forget about the other aspect of comfort with these chairs, and that’s from a technology and convenience standpoint.

Our Palliser and Octane home theater seating also has technology and convenience features like LED cupholders, USB dock power switch, under-seat floor lighting, and USB charging that just takes your viewing experience to a whole new level of comfort. So with those features, you can sit and watch your favorite movie or TV show with your drink right next to you in your cupholder, charge your phone, and melt into your seat.

This is the perfect way to destress after a long day, and we want to help you bring this type of comfort into your home.

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We’re not only billiard experts, but we’re also entertainment experts as well, and we know our Palliser and Octane home theater seating collections will be the perfect addition to your home’s entertainment and comfort needs. So whether you enjoy watching TV for three hours or more, you have to do so in comfort in order to have an enjoyable viewing experience.

Since our establishment in 1953, we’ve been serving middle Tennessee and the surrounding areas, and it’s been a great pride doing so. Come by our expanded location today to check out our wide selection of seating. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, our sales associates will help you narrow down your options based on what you’re looking for in comfort and style.