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Home Theater Seating Portland, TN

Portland, TN: Theater Seating

If you’re like most people, from the moment you get home, you spend a good bit of your time sitting down. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that… After all, you’ve worked all day and you deserve to take a load off when you get home… In fact, you should put your feet up! Or can you not do that?

The reality behind “taking a load off” at home is that you really can’t… if you think about it. Let’s say you work in an office and you sit at a desk most of the day. While you’re sitting at your desk, you’re sitting in an upright position… 

Well, if you have a sofa/loveseat or couch at home, you’re basically sitting in that same position as you were at work… You might be able to lay across your couch but that’s only if no one else is sitting on the couch with you. And we’re not even going to start to explain the outrage some house “members” have if you even think about putting your feet up on the coffee table…

At Nashville Billiard & Patio, all we want to do is help YOU take a load off, and the best way we can do that for you is to get our home theater seating in your home.

Our collections are brought to you by only the top brands in comfort, Palliser and Octane. So when you’ve had a long or rough day at work, whether you’ve been sitting or standing, our luxury chairs will make you feel like you’re floating in the reclining position. This will ensure you’re in pure comfort and there are no feet on the coffee table.

To elaborate on just how comfortable you’ll be in our chairs, just picture these amenities: memory foam cushion, motorized lumbar system & headrest, extended leg rests, and cupholders in the armrest… And that’s not even ALL the comforts you’ll experience with our collections. You also have the luxuries of 30 colors and upholstery options, USB charging, LED-lit cupholders, and under-seat lighting.

And the great news with this is that we offer 12 months no-interest financing! So when you’re ready to set up your home theater or viewing area, you can come right in and apply. The application takes approximately five minutes too, so there’s no long, drawn-out process for you.

But the only way to get this type of at-home experience is to come by our showroom and test out our seating for yourself. Once you recline back in one of our chairs, it’s going to be extremely hard to leave without one!

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We know the meaning of hard work and how it feels to come home exhausted and not have anywhere to rest and relax, and we know that feeling from experience. Because of that, it’s been a sole focus of ours to ensure all of our hard-working customers have a wide selection of home theater seating to choose from to create the relaxing environment their bodies have needed.