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Home Theater Seating Gallatin, TN

Gallatin, TN: Theater Seating

The way people watch TV these days has completely changed. Yes, we no longer have those heavy, bulky televisions that take up space… But the way we’re saying it’s changed is in how you view TV, not what you’re viewing it on. 

Home seating has advanced tremendously over the years. You no longer have to sit on the floor or a traditional couch now. These days, the way you watch TV can be the exact same way you view movies at a high-end movie theater… but 10-times better!

At Nashville Billiard & Patio, we offer the sleekest and most luxurious home theater seating options available. What do we mean by sleek and luxurious? Well, we mean it in two forms of the term: style and comfort.

Our collections of home theater seating come from none other than the leading brands of Palliser and Octane. And between the two brands, style and comfort are standard.


When looking for home theater seating, you’re probably looking for it to replace the couch or sofa and love seat you currently have. So, as you’re browsing our selection, the factor that’s at the forefront of your mind is how this type of seating will look in your viewing area. And we know that if you’re indeed going to invest in home theater seating, it most definitely needs to go with the decor you currently have or not get rid of what you have.

Well, we can assure you that we have seating that will be exactly what you’re looking for. On select collections, you have over 30 color and upholstery options, recliner or movie theater-style chairs, and various stitching designs and patterns. And if you’ve already checked out our home theater showroom, you can the luxurious “look” that protrudes from every aspect of the chairs.

But, of course, there’s more to choosing the perfect home theater seating other than how it looks… The other important consideration is comfort.


The area of comfort is going to be of great importance because comfort is the single purpose of high-quality seating. All too often people will go shopping for furniture and sacrifice comfort for a couch that looks good. But we can honestly say that with Palliser and Octane brands, comfort goes hand-in-hand with style and are both equally important.

With comfort, the term is somewhat broken down to feel and convenience. Our home theater seating collections feature numerous technologies that make your viewing experience most enjoyable.

You will experience comfort in the “feel” of our furniture from the plush foam materials, soft leather, and motorized lumbar system & headrest. You will experience comfort in the “convenience” of our seating with USB charging, cupholders in the armrest, and an accessory dock.

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We may be billiard experts but you can also call us comfort experts as well. Our Palliser and Octane home theater seating collections will be the perfect addition to enhance your home’s viewing experience. Get the real experience by visiting our showroom in person today!