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Guide to Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture: The Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to buying outdoor patio furniture, you want to approach your decision-making process the same way as you would when buying indoor furniture, meaning you have to look at it as an investment; something that’s going to add value to the aesthetics of your outdoor living space. But you can’t buy patio furniture based on looks alone, although that’s the basis that some people use.

Buying furniture for outdoors requires much more thought and consideration because of what the furniture endures on a daily basis: the weather and outdoor temperatures. So you definitely want to partly make your decision based on how the furniture looks but you also have to base your decision on durability as well as comfort… After all, what good is patio furniture if it looks nice but is uncomfortable and can’t withstand the weather in your area?

With that, that just goes to show you that just as people make mistakes in shopping, whether it be for clothes, shoes, or food, people can make mistakes in shopping for patio furniture as well. As outdoor experts, let us be your guide in helping you know what to look for when shopping for outdoor patio furniture. We’ll teach you the do’s and don’ts.

The Do’s

Look At the Materials Used in the Furniture

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking at patio furniture that you find attractive or that would go with your home’s outdoor theme, but in looking at the pieces you like, make sure to always look at the materials used in the furniture.

Why are the materials such an important factor? Because they’re what’s going to tell you the lifespan of your furniture. This includes what the fabric is comprised of and the framing. You have to understand that patio furniture endures extreme outdoor temperatures as well as weather conditions like rain, snow, wind, and humidity, all of which puts it at risk for mold and mildew, rust, fading, and cracking/warping.

If you want to invest in patio furniture built to withstand the harsh outdoor elements, here are some of the materials to look for:

What to Look For in Fabrics

  • Sunbrella
  • Olefin fabric
  • Core foam
  • Polyester foam
  • Acrylic fabric


What to Look For in Framing

  • Aluminum
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Synthetic Wicker (resin)
  • Ipe Wood


These are just a few things to look for in the materials of the furniture you’re considering buying, both for the fabrics and framing. You can check out our complete guide on patio furniture materials to ensure you’re making the right purchasing decision.

Measure Your Patio/Outdoor Area

Before you head to the furniture store out of pure excitement, take some time to assess your outdoor living area. You have to take into account how much space you really have to work with. Just because it’s outdoors, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your outdoor space too overcrowded.

By measuring, you’ll know exactly how much space you have and the type of furniture that will be accommodating to that space.

Always Buy High-Quality Furniture

As tempting as it may be to take the cheaper route, don’t do it… You’ll only find yourself going out to buy more furniture in the following months or years. Remember, you have to approach your shopping decision as you would if you were buying furniture for the interiors of your home. You may have to pay a little more upfront, but you’ll get that money back over time by not having to buy anymore furniture.

The Don’ts

Don’t Buy Used Patio Furniture

Thrift and discount stores are great options for certain things, but when it comes to outdoor patio furniture, you want to always buy new. Buying used may seem like the better deal, but what you’re really doing is buying time until that furniture finally wears out and you’re right back looking for patio furniture. Save yourself the time, the hassle, and the money, and buy new.

Don’t Impulsively Buy

Buying patio furniture on an impulse will leave you with bad “new” furniture. This typically happens when you shop based on looks alone and not look at the materials used. Instead of going to a store and buying the first thing you see or like, take a moment beforehand and really think about what you need the patio furniture for. Will it be for entertaining or family meals outdoors? Or will it be for relaxing? Based on what you need the furniture for, that will help you make a more sound purchasing decision.

Now that you know the major do’s and don’ts of buying patio furniture, you should be able to shop with confidence and know you’re making the right decision that meets your needs and the needs of your outdoor living space.

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