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Exterior Design Styles Explained

Exterior Design Styles Explained

Just as you use interior design to style the inside of your home, you can take those same design elements and apply them to the exteriors of your home as well… After all, your outdoor living space is simply an extension of your home’s interiors, right?

When it comes to interior design, the big tell-all as to what the design style of a room is, is the furniture, and the same goes for your outdoor living space… What most people don’t realize about outdoor patio furniture is that it talks to us just like indoor furniture. And when you start designing the exteriors of your home, the question is, what will your outdoor patio furniture say?

Your guess would be as good as ours, but just know that in most cases, the way you design the exteriors of your home is reflective of your own personal taste and style as well. But maybe you don’t exactly know what your exterior design style is; Maybe your design style is a little bit of everything… and that’s perfectly fine. But to give you a little more clarity as to which design style will best fit the exteriors of your home, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular exterior design styles for outdoor living spaces.

A Closer Look at Exterior Design Styles


Bohemian is a very popular exterior design style simply because it has no rules and reflects a carefree lifestyle. Now, there aren’t any rules with this design style but there are definitely characteristics and design elements that set it apart from any other design style.

  • Bohemian style features globally-inspired rugs, curtains, textiles, and accents with tribal prints and designs
  • Wicker or woven furniture
  • Greenery (potted/hanging plants)
  • Bold and bright colors
  • Vintage and well-traveled flair

With these unique features and accents, you can feel like you’ve traveled all over the world every time you set foot onto your outdoor living space. Complete the Bohemian look with our Tobago Outdoor Patio Collection.


The coastal design style pays homage to all the beachside areas. Some common features of this design are a light and airy feel, which is perfect because this design will be for your outdoor living space. But other features include:

  • Cool color palettes of white, blue, even green
  • Accents are typically wood and sea-inspired
  • Relaxed yet plush and elegant

Ultimately, this design style is meant to make you feel relaxed as though you were on the beach! And that’s the beauty of this style… It’s called Coastal, but you don’t have to live on a coast, or near water for that matter, to enjoy the beauty of the beach. Complete the Coastal look with our Cape Cod or Barclay Butera Signature Outdoor Furniture Collections.

French Country

French Country is a design style full of class and sophistication with a bit of an old-world feel to it. Unlike Coastal design, French country is full of warm colors and Earth tones like multiple shades of red, orange, brown, and yellow. You’re also going to see more natural materials like wood, stone, and brick. Gold will be the material/color choice for your furniture accents, for example, a gold vase or throw pillow will pair well with warm-toned patio furniture. Complete the French Country look with our Monterra or Biltmore Estate Outdoor Patio Collections.


Modern design for the exteriors of your home will still be very reminiscent of what it reflects indoors: Clean and crisp lines with a very simple color palette and little to no clutter or accents. Whatever accents you incorporate with this design style, will need to consist of metal, glass, or steel. It’s a very sleek design style that’s still very fitting for an outdoor living space. Complete the Modern look with our Aris Outdoor Patio Collection. The addition of one of our fire pits to this collection will make your outdoor space even sleeker and more sophisticated.


Scandinavian exterior design is perfect for outdoor living spaces because it embodies the simplicity of life during the Nordic times. The color palette is simple, including mostly white but also incorporates unique patterns and lines. It’s not uncommon to see the use of aluminum, wood, and steel in this design style; It’s also very common to see functionality as a major feature of the furniture as well.

If you’re going to incorporate pops of color, you’re going to want to do it through your accents, like your throw pillows, vases, or patterned rugs. Complete the Scandinavian look with our Charlotte Outdoor Upholstered or Mackinac Outdoor Furniture Collection.

Now, you know about some of the most popular exterior design styles out there and the perfect furniture collections that match those styles. Based on what you’ve read, which style speaks to you? Better yet, which furniture collection speaks to you?

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